I Broke The Website. Whoops.

(Thanks to Fox for making the Simpsons, which gave us this useful image.) So, after deciding that making my own 100% custom website was too much of a pain in the rear, I tried moving my WordPress site over to the root domain and just was going to go ahead and use that. Well, that turned out to be a pretty large mistake. Now, in the computer world, you have two types of people: you have software people, and then you have people who (as Jeremy Clarkson would say) would rather get anthrax before touching software, because I’m a hardware person. Assembling computers, networks, and configuring OS level stuff is easy; anything beyond that, like this WordPress site, is more or less rocket science in comparison. So yeah, I broke my own website. I’ll also admit that I really don’t care much, beyond for the few articles that I now need to somehow recover from WordPress’s database files; the whole thing was in need of a revamp anyways. Stay tuned, because I do for realsies promise to post more quality content!

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