Racecars and Yellow Headlights: Style or Function?

Yellow headlights are nothing new to people who watch Motorsports and to brave people who tinted their vehicles headlights yellow. Although with a car to match they’d look pretty cool, there is more to them than aesthetics.
You could argue Yellow shade of lights would make it easier on the eyes at night, which to an extent is true. There are regulations for headlamps for endurance races. Yellow lamps also penetrate through fog much better, making it easier for drivers and authorities to keep track of other vehicles.
But the real reason behind yellow headlights was to distinguish car classes.

Vehicles with Yellow Headlamps are usually “Production Car” classes while Prototypes usually have no lights during the day and white lights during night. So if a GTE production race car see’s white lights at its back, it is supposed to give way to the LMP since they’re faster.

Other than that, there have been no major trend of using yellow headlights, whether tint or a yellow bulb. And stays associated to Motorsport Pedigree.

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